Los Antonios, Ground Leveling Machine

Los Antonios

We manufacture the earth moving machinery you’re looking for.

If you’re embarking on a construction or agricultural project, you’ll need it. And of the highest quality.

For 50 years, we’ve been crafting machines used for moving and leveling soil in agricultural fields and public works.

What kind of machinery do we offer? From scrapers, graders, subsoilers, preparers, and hoppers to planters, bulldozers, and others like stone removers. Each machine serves a specific purpose in land preparation, whether for agriculture or for the construction of roads, buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Often, these machines are essential because they can handle difficult terrains and manage large amounts of material. This makes projects more efficient and profitable.

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Land Leveling Machinery

Land leveling machinery offers many advantages and is vital for most construction projects.

Among other benefits, it makes the process quicker, more efficient, and accurate. These machines can level large areas in a short time, saving on labor costs. They can also tackle challenging terrains, including steep slopes and rocky grounds, which might be impossible manually.

Another advantage is their precision, ensuring a consistent surface for construction. This means structures rest on a solid and even foundation, minimizing risks of sinking or structural damage.

Machinery for Leveling

If there are trenches to level on your land, or if you need to grade slopes or improve the soil for construction, our catalog of leveling machinery is diverse. Our consultancy department will present the many solutions we offer for earth moving machinery, providing the best solution for your needs.

We lead in introducing laser technology machinery, optimizing solutions for agricultural lands.

Agricultural Field Leveling Machinery

Proper land leveling is crucial, especially for flood irrigation, ensuring water is evenly distributed, resulting in a consistent harvest. Another consideration is machine accessibility in these fields, and the ease of having them leveled during harvesting. Our scrapers and graders come equipped with a laser system, ensuring perfect land leveling.

Field Leveling and Field Margins Machinery

We offer various machinery for field leveling. We also have a special range of graders for cultivation, broader than usual, covering up to 7 meters of work. This guarantees perfect leveling of fields while shortening execution time, resulting in consistent irrigation at a minimal cost.

Another essential task our machines can handle is creating field margins. In this case, using a polidozer is recommended.

Public Works Machinery

Public works machinery is vital for constructing and maintaining public infrastructures. These machines are necessary to ensure the creation and upkeep of quality, safe infrastructures for society. Furthermore, the effectiveness and efficiency of public works machinery are crucial to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Among the commonly used equipment in public works machinery are bulldozers, graders, and more.

Which do you need? Our team can help you find the most suitable public works machinery for your project.

Civil Construction Machinery

We provide our clients with cutting-edge civil construction machinery. Made to the highest standards of quality using top-notch materials. Among our machines, you can find road graders, subsoilers, laser-guided graders, scrapers, motor graders, crawler excavators, and asphalt spreaders.

Find the right machines for leveling and compacting soil and asphalt, creating a consistent and sturdy surface for civil construction.

Road Machinery

If you’re looking for road machinery, take a look at our catalog. We have various machines depending on your goals, offering everything you need for road paving.

Highway Machinery

We manufacture machinery for highway construction, paving, and maintenance. Our laser-equipped machinery guarantees perfect highway leveling.

Viaduct Machinery

We offer state-of-the-art machinery for viaduct construction. Find the right equipment for your project; we ensure the most accurate, reliable, and high-quality machines for optimal results.

We are the first Spanish manufacturer to install laser systems in our machines, thus guaranteeing perfect levelin

Since 1967, we have been building machines for land leveling and have continuously invested in innovation to offer the best product on the market.

We have a distributor network to provide spare parts to all our customers and offer ongoing training on the most efficient use of our machines.