Los Antonios, Ground Leveling Machine

Los Antonios

Over 50 years manufacturing earthmoving, land-levelling equipment and ground leveling machine for use in agriculture and public works projects.

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AGRICULTURE: land leveling equipment and machines

  • Field levelling
  • Alfalfa (lucerne)
  • Rice
  • Flowers
  • Field margins

CONSTRUCTION: asphalt road and civil construction machinery

  • Roads
  • Viaduct construction
  • Industrial buildings
  • Logistics parks
  • Sportsgrounds


We were the first Spanish manufacturer to install laser systems in our machinery, to guarantee perfect land levelling.


We have been manufacturing land-levelling machines since 1967 and we invest in continuous innovation so as to offer you the best products on the market.


We have a network of distributors to resolve any of our customers requirements and offer continuous training on the most efficient use of our machinery.