After-sales service


Tecnologia Los Antonios


We were the first Spanish manufacturer to install laser systems in our machinery, to guarantee perfect land levelling.

Postventa Los Antonios


We have a network of distributors to resolve any of our customers requirements and offer continuous training on the most efficient use of our machinery.

Experiencia Los Antonios


We have been manufacturing land-levelling machines since 1967 and we invest in continuous innovation so as to offer you the best products on the market.

Cercania Los Antonios


Having started out as a family-owned company always working side by side with farmers has taught us how to appreciate and adopt the most important values and give us a good understanding of our customers.

Asesoramiento Los Antonios


As professionals in the industry, our main interest is to address our customers’ needs in order to provide them with the best solutions.

Versatilidad Los Antonios


Most of our scraper and grader models are the result of questions asked and recommendations given to us by our customers. Being attentive to our customers’ needs and offering solutions is an integral part of our core values.