Los Antonios, in business since 1967

Agrotécnica Los Antonios machinery manufacturers have been contributing to the development os Tauste and the entire district for many years, not only throught the permanent employment we provide, but also throught the support we offer to the growth of the companies. Its contibution is also given by the type of machinery it manufactures, which is intended for a very unprotected sector such as the farmer, where reducing costs is the most iportant value that can be contributed.

Los Antonios

Our facilities

Fcilities and resources with a single purpose:

To offer our customers the best machinery solutions for earthmoving and land levelling


The team

The human factor os a company is its most important asset, even more so in today’s knowledge and information society, in which people hace become the company’s core asset. In this context, a group of professionals who undetstand each other and are used to working in a team is one of the most important condicions requiered for the successful development of studies and projects.

The team at Agrotécnica Los Antonios is perfectly integrated into the structure of the company, and is characterised by its great commitment to integruty, teamwork and specialised training. The high level of flexibility and multi-disciplinary qualifications of our professionals allow us to meet the challenges that arise daily with the great diligence and reliabitlity.

A great team of people and professionals

Los Antonios

Cercania Los Antonios


One of the most important aspects of our company is that we work closely with our customers. This proximity means that we can be guided by our customers and to understand their needs, allowing us to offer them solutions and assist them with their implementation.

Asesoramiento Los Antonios

Advisory services

At Agrotécnica Los Antonios, we do not only want to known as a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery, we also want to be the solution for our customers for all their needs related to earthmoving, land levelling and any other needs that they may have in this regard. We’ve been in this business for more than 40 years.

Profesionalidad Los Antonios


The experience gained over more than 40 years of work has allowed us to have a broad outlook on the industry, making us fully aware of the needs of our customers and encouraging us to innovate with products so as to offer them new solutions. Our team of professionals, specialising in earthmoving and land levelling, is at your service.

Versatilidad Los Antonios


Innovation, research and the development of new products has made us pioneers in the market at implementing state-of-the-art technology to machinery to optimise earthmoving and land levelling. Our innovative nature allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs with the required versatility and flexibility in order to present suitable solutions.



Our machines are used in different agricultural applications, and the most commonly used for land-levelling work.


It is important that fields are level, particularly when they are to be flooded. This allows the sane amount of water to reach all parts of the field, resulting in a uniform harvest.

Another aspect to take into account is that the fields should accessible to farm machinery, and the ease that level land offers at harvest time.

Our scrapers and graders are equipped with a laser system to ensure perfect levelling.

Rice farming

We have created a special range of graders with a larger than normal working width, reaching as far as 7 metres. This ensures perfect levelling of fields while saving time. The result is uniform irrigation of the field at the lowest cost.

Field margins

Another important task that our machines can perform is that of building up the field margins. In this case, we recommend the use of a grader blade which will allow the field to be demarcated while also creating a tall separation that will keep water in until it is absorbed.

Our advisory department can offer you many solutions when dealing with earthmoving machinery and the best solution for your particular needs.

We are pioneers at installing laser technology in machinery, optimising the available solutions for farmland.

Los Antonios


Industrial buildings

We have a range of different models of machines suited to large-scale land levelling for industrial use. From levelling a plot for a small shed to entire industrial estates and macro industrial complexes.

Los Antonios


A platform defines any type of surface that requires perfect levelling in order to receive any type of construction, whether large or small.

Los Antonios


We are professional manufacturers of earthmoving and laser-guided land levelling equipment for surfaces destined for sport and leisure, such football pitches, golf courses, padel tennis courts, gardens, children’s playgrounds and recreation grounds.

Los Antonios