Scraper TSH

The semi-hydraulic dump scraper is specially designed for small agricultural work, when it is not necessary to resort to hydraulic scrapers thrust. Both hydraulic and mechanical, the actuation of the dump. Land is always done from the cockpit. In its storage capacity you can see perfectly that it is a prepared item for minor work – you can pick up half a cubic meter. It can working with the semi-hydraulic dump scraper on board tractors with power 30 / 50Cv.

Scraper TSH
Technical specifications
Scraper TSH

2 Wheels 6,00-7 10PR

  • ModelTSH014
  • A11100
  • B21350
  • C32820
  • D4980
  • Capacity (m3)½
  • Power (HP)30
  • Weight (Kg)610

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