Hydraulic push scraper TH66

Simplify ground leveling work to the maximum with the Los Antonios TH-66 hydraulic push scraper. An imposing 4-20-5-25 double wheel hauler, adapted for the most demanding tractors. Its power achieves cuts in the ground of up to 3.60 m with a storage capacity, and subsequent transport, of between 14 and 16 m3.
It is a scraper model for powerful tractors, between 420 – 520 hp. Despite its construction, the TH-66 scraper is attached to the tractor like another implement and is easy to use.

Hydraulic push scraper TH66
Technical specifications
Hydraulic push scraper TH66

4 Wheels 4R-20/05-25

  • ModelTH66-3,40
  • A13400
  • B21100
  • C32750
  • D43780
  • E58400
  • F62270
  • Capacity (m3)14
  • Power (HP)420-480
  • Weight (Kg)12800
  • ModelTH66-3,60
  • A13600
  • B21100
  • C32750
  • D43980
  • E58400
  • F62270
  • Capacity (m3)16
  • Power(HP)480-520
  • Weight (Kg)13200


Grilles avant et arrière inclus


Anchor mast-hydrovalves
Hydraulic mast
Sequence valve
Fixed ripper
Ripper with quick hitch
Anchor ripper with pipes ( without ripper )
Anchor ripper with pipes and quick hitch for ripper ( without ripper )
Rear hitch without pipes
Rear hitch with 4 pipes
Rear hitch with 6 pipes
Chopping board grid
Pusher grid
American hitch “ model th66 “
Automation ( laser / gps ) with hydrovalves
Automation ( laser / gps ) with proportional distributor and pressure filtre


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