Laser leveling swan-neck for double control 2000CC-DC

The 2000CC-DC double control gooseneck refiner is a precise solution for power from 90 to 100Cv-120Cv. It has a width of 2.05 x 3.25 and a height of 680 mm. Thanks to double control and laser technology, leveling of the fields to be worked is little less than exact, since the laser is takes care of the spaces to work and the height differences on the ground They are not solely subject to the perception of the person driving the tractor. Precisely the fact that a terrain cannot be leveled with the naked eye. It is the explanation that there is machinery as precise as the refineries, widely used in public works. It has four 320 / 55RR-15 wheels.

Laser leveling swan-neck for double control 2000CC-DC
Technical specifications
Laser leveling swan-neck for double control 2000CC-DC

4 Wheels 320/55R-15

  • Model2000CC-DC
  • A1680
  • B22050
  • C33250
  • D42960
  • E54560
  • Power(HP)90-100
  • Weight (Kg)2765


Double control hydraulic mast included


Hydraulic mast
Paralel increase
Double tilt
Spare wheel with support r8,5/15
Spare wheel with support r320/55
Hydraulic ripper front “pows”
Rear flatter


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