Laser leveling swan-neck for double control 1800CC-DC

The 1800CC-DC Dual Control Gooseneck Refiner assists in a task of “Vitally important” as is the leveling of land. Both for functions constructive and agricultural, this prior preparation is essential. From there
that it is a task that requires precision machinery and that it is the mission of the Companies like Los Antonios improve their services. In this In this sense, the double-control refiner has been a real revolution, allowing operators who are in charge of this field significant savings of time being able to tackle jobs that until recently were, literally, impossible.

Laser leveling swan-neck for double control 1800CC-DC
Technical specifications
Laser leveling swan-neck for double control 1800CC-DC

4 Wheels 8,5-15

  • Model1800CC-DC
  • A1620
  • B21800
  • C32900
  • D42540
  • E53460
  • Power (HP)70-80
  • Weight (Kg)1710


Double control hydraulic mast included


Hydraulic mast
Paralel increase
Double tilt
Spare wheel with support r8,5/15
Spare wheel with support r320/55
Hydraulic ripper front “pows”
Rear flatter


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